Sunday, April 20, 2008

MORE time gone...

Its been almost or over a years since my last post. I will definitely update soon(if anyone is reading at this point, LOL)

My journey with PCOS diet and lifestyle has taken many twists and turns over the year; I look forward to updating!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So much time, so many changes

I will continue my "PCOS history" another day when I have more time. I do want to mention that as of April this year, I went completely raw vegan. No doubt this was the best move health wise I have ever made. I simply cant believe the transformation my body have gone through in the past few months. I will post before and after photos in a few weeks. For now on this will be my RAW PCOS BLOG.

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Questions? Please ask!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

PCOS History Part I

PCOS History and Journey

This may sound crazy but I think my PCOS started at a very early age, not just when I started my menses or when my periods started getting scattered, but my lifestyle for years has brought me to where I am today.

Growing up, we were not allowed to have an excess amount of sugar, white bread, sugared breakfast cereals, cookies, punch and other highly artificial drinks. Nevertheless the less our diets were still full of processed foods, Top Ramen, Campbell’s soups, pasta, over cooked vegetables, colored wheat bread, hormonal meet and diary products, juice pasteurized to death from concentrate, margarine, and so on. Like most parents, they thought they were doing the right thing. My brother and I was at a normal weight so there was no cause for concern. For years however, I watched my mother struggle with her weight on the classic Weight Watchers diets, low-fat diets, oat bran diets and so on.

We ate mostly at home with the occasional trip to the buffet style restaurant, Mc Donald’s, or pizza.

When I was 11 and starting Jr. High, my relationship with food started to go further downhill. I was bringing less and less home-prepared lunches and started eating more at school. A typical school lunch for me consisted of a Cup of Noodles and a bucket of French fries: fried white noodles, MSG, sodium and processed potatoes cooked in God knows what. A soda was thrown in the mix. Still, I was at a normal weight so there were no cause for concern because my mother had no idea I was eating this way.

When I turned 12, I started my menstrual cycle. It started out painless and “normal”. By age 13, they were starting to get irregular. I started getting them every other month instead of monthly. I was also starting high school. Doctors told me it was normal and that my body was still adjusting.

(To be continued...)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm on my 7th day of my diet (I think its been 6 or 7 days). I feel pretty good. Starting on day two, I had some detox reactions, mostly in the form of my colon cleaning itself out. I'm still detoxing, but it isn't as bad now as it was this past week. My stomach is definitely less "poochy". My DP noticed a difference in my skin. My completion is brighter and my eyes are brighter. Overall, I'm eating less food now than I did during the first few days. I feel like I need less. I crave fried foods less and less. (more later!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Food

For breakfast I had a hemp seed smoothie with frozen strawberries I got from the farmers market and water and a hard boiled egg (obviously not raw!)

Lunch was a salad of mixed sprouts, avocado, homemade raw honey mustard dressing and raw walnuts.

Last night I made flax crackers (grinding 1/2 of the flax seeds before soaking). I added some chopped garlic, Celtic salt and some curry powder and it came out really good and crispy. I have another batch drying in the dehydrator as we speak.

I also made some raw pizza sauce using a fresh tomato, some sun dried tomatoes, lemon, Celtic salt, EVOO and Italian seasoning (all organic) in the blender and it came out really good. I spread it on the crackers.

For dinner, I had the above with the left over raw no bean hummus, I sprouted quinoa and steamed that.

Dessert/snack was more strawberries.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This week I am working on adding more raw foods to my diet. I've been more creative in terms of salads. I tend to get stuck in the same old, same old, salad rut and have been using my raw cookbooks to add a bit more variety.
I also made (raw) bread sticks, curry crackers, no bean hummus, marinara, soaked and dried nuts, raw organic strawberry pie, nut milks and spriluna smoothies in the mornings. Tonight I will make flax crackers for tomorrow. I feared a lot of this would be time consuming. But most of the prep work is relatively quick; comparable to other foods. Dehydrating time is a different story. It can take 24 hours to make crackers so planning ahead is key.

I still eat meat and eggs though I've cut back slightly. I still feel I need animal protein in my diet but not as much given raw foods are so filling.

I am also making an effort not to eat as much cooked oils. Raw, cold pressed oils - YES, but no fried or excessively heated oils. No oven fries or oven fried chicken, etc (SIGH). I have a grill pan and powerful fan/vent in the kitchen for the smoke so that is helpful.

This morning I had a spirluna smoothie with organic frozen blueberries and a little pressed apple juice. Snack was/is curry crackers and no bean hummus.For lunch I’m going to a raw foods restaurant because I didn’t really make a lunch last night for today. Tonight I will make chicken satay (its marinating at home), a large salad and a grain of some sort - maybe quinoa.